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The focus of my year: feat. the freezing cold & a lot of paper.

People need a refresh button, whether it’s a new day, a workout, a song, a shower, a good night’s sleep, a new goal, an intervention, whatever. The whole world seems to hit their refresh buttons all at the same time at 12:00 am, January 1st (or a couple hours later, post-partying of course). I think people find comfort in attempting their “resolutions” together, kind of like a struggle run with people who are breathing too hard with you. I have previously been guilty of the whole write your New Year’s resolutions out, and quit them by January 10th along with everybody else (yes that is today) kind of thing. But this year I decided to shape my year another way, my way. I decided to shape my year based on challenges I personally want to face and who I truly want it to be, not what social media wants me to be, or whatever social pressures tell me to be (aka juice cleanses, longing for a 4,000 dollar piece of metal, popularity, unrealistic Instagram goals, etc.)

If you want a different outcome, you must start by doing something different, which can be difficult sometimes. We live in a superficial world. It is easy for that to be the comfort zone. Superficiality lasts a minute, but what you learn from your challenges in your heart and spirit last a lifetime. I truly believe doing what makes you grow (notice I didn’t say comfortable), has fallen off the deep end because everyone is so set on impressing the next person, nobody ever lives in the moment. Nobody lives in their moment, their challenge, their victory, or their offset. Nobody ever relishes anymore because they are so worried about where they should go next.

But I think for 2016, people should focus their goals around their dreams, not influenced by other people's opinions, and the doubts they may have about themselves. DO YOU!!! DO what YOU want, and go fight for YOUR dreams, no matter what anyone thinks or says. I am so appreciative of everyone who supports my dream. My music makes up a lot of who I am, and I pursue it through the ignorance of what some people think. I have hope that I made for myself, and a dream that will grow in 2016, just as I hope you have for yourself! 

YAY: I will start posting blogs on the SECOND Sunday of every month, so I can stay connected & consistent with my loves. So much coming this year, I promise this will be one for the books.

Love always & remember to DO YOUUUUUU! 




a fresh cup of coffee from a time when I was out of my regular world (NYC BABY) 

I'm sitting here on a slightly cool Saturday afternoon, after sleeping half the day (oops), writing to you in an emotion I can't quite pinpoint. As I try to pinpoint whatever I'm feeling, I can say that I just attempted to finish an old cup of coffee. I had to heat it up in the microwave, and you coffee lovers know how it's not the same. Nothing is like a fresh cup of coffee. I'm not even trying to make some impressive comparison, but I feel like sometimes my world is an old cup of coffee. Going through the same routine, my energy that was once there is gone. When I try to rekindle that happiness & energy, it just isn't the same. Is that what happens to people? We have this drive and hope that slowly strays from its initial freshness. Do people get tired of the world around them just like they get tired of their coffee? I want a fresh cup of coffee. I go through the motions if my world, trying to drink that cup of coffee that has been sitting out for far too long. I see the same people, hear the same criticism, deal with the same drama, go the same places, get sick of people as they get sick of me, and hope for something bigger than this bubble I live in. I want to do things that are beyond what I can believe in myself right now. I want to be something people believe in. I want to BE that fresh cup of coffee for someone. I want to be that hope for someone one day who feels like me right now. I want to be able to say that it gets better, that hard work pays off, or that the pain is worth it in the end because you get farther than you've ever been able to dream, but it's hard to say that when I'm trying to live in a world where people don't even like coffee.

or maybe I just sound like some insane coffee addict, which may or may not be valid ;) 

always love for you babes,

love ella 


I haven't posted on here in a while and I'm not even sure anyone reads this. the cool part is that I can go back on these little posts and see my climb to hopefully my biggest dream (and I don't have to capitalize the beginning of sentences... cause I'm cool like that... not really). sometimes I have these realizations or humbling moments that really open my eyes. I don't have any idea what I'm doing if I'm totally being honest. I have no idea where I'm going, but that's what pushes me forward. I want to do this music thing. it's my biggest goal, and sometimes it's scary because I have no idea what else I want to do with my life. I don't want to do anything else. I was just listening to I'm Gonna and it just hit me how hard this is. I'm so thankful we could get this far (we as in me and you... this is all you helping me out here). I don't even know what I'm saying but all those social media posts, videos, performances, late nights... they all point towards one goal and each step is a little closer. I'm writing this more to myself I think because I get discouraged sometimes, or bogged down by school and everything else in life. but I want to do more than just school, job, get married, have a family, grow old... die. I want to change the world. I want to do bigger things, bigger than myself. I don't even know. just thinking. 

night babes



here by Alessia Cara... "and we'll discuss our big dreams, how we plan to take over the planet."

step 1 to changing to world: cute clothes & coffee  (or just sweatpants and coffee...)

step 1 to changing to world: cute clothes & coffee  (or just sweatpants and coffee...)

step 2: spray paint your name on a big piece of paper

emotional states of releasing my first single (part 2)!!!




I had just gotten out of the shower, getting ready for bed because I HAVE MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TOMORROW (I don’t even want to talk about it) and my mom comes upstairs to let me know that my song has finally been released on iTunes. How do you react to that?? I’ll tell you one thing, I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to write “emotional states of releasing my first single (part 2)” right this very second. so here I am.

I don’t have the words really to say anything but gibberish right now, and as you can probably tell, I am rambling. I do know that I am very blessed, and I hope I never forget that. I hope that I never forget where I came from, who was there, who wasn’t there, and how blessed I am.

I am a very confident person most of the time. I work as hard as I can to pursue my goals. But, I also get very paranoid and I tend to overthink things. I even overthink these blog posts sometimes, because I’m scared somebody will belittle me for it. It is NOT easy writing songs from pure emotion and putting them out there for THE WHOLE WORLD to hear. I write some of these songs at 2 am when I feel like nobody understands what I am going through, but that’s what music does, it brings people together. It is so beautiful that music can be a voice for something you could never explain in any other way. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be that voice for someone, or to be that feeling somebody knows too well. I want to be the best I can be for myself, for Jesus, and for you guys. I have an incredible group of people who support me and are honest with me every step of the way. I am also well aware of the people who are not so supportive. What I am doing is not normal, and sometimes, it’s scary. All through this process of writing I’m Gonna, working on it, recording it, and putting it out there, I have always had many fears in my mind. I always felt like I posted too much about my music, and people were going to get annoyed with me, or nobody would really like the song, but as I write this right now, all I am is happy. 

I feel like I have overcome some of the stuff that used to take me down. I am in a place that has come from hard work, love, and faith. Seeing my own name on iTunes for the first time is something I will never get back. It signifies more than just a song, and I guess that’s where this blog post leads me. You can do what you want, you can follow your biggest dream ever. It takes baby steps. Some steps are smaller than others, and that’s okay. You might even take a few steps back but that’s okay, too, because it is all a process. This is for my future self, and for anyone who is reading this, never give up, I don’t care how cheesy it may sound. Your only demon is your mind, and sometimes it wins.  But, “What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” 

I’m so happy to say that my first single ever is now on iTunes, I hope you love it, share it & buy it:


Gotta sleep now… love,


emotional states of releasing my first single (part 1)


http://open.spotify.com/album/5ByW9uHhz5NmmrcB6T73Uq  - LISTEN NOW YAY

Guys. I don’t even know what to say. My first recorded song is out into the world for the most part and the feedback I’m getting is nothing like I ever expected. The fact I am taking baby steps towards my dream is so exhilarating and beautiful. I CURRENTLY HAVE THIS SONG THAT I AM BEYOND TIRED OF SINCE I HAVE LISTENED/SUNG THIS SONG 1000 TIMES ALREADY ON REPEAT :). I am so overwhelmed in the most fantastic way (maybe it’s because I just had coffee????) and I AM SO THANKFUL. THANK YOU. Thank you for reading this. Thank you if you’ve ever watched a video of mine, listened to my song, commented on a picture, liked a picture, shown me love, or shown me to someone. This is my biggest dream and I never thought that by 15 years old I would be able to say I HAVE A FREAKING SONG PRODUCED WITH FREAKING JAN SMITH WHO IS EVERYTHING I CAN’T AND IT’S ON SPOTIFY AND ABOUT TO BE ON ITUNES. that is insane. I haven’t cried yet… just wait on it. I’m still waiting on iTunes to post my song, and I’ll keep you updated on how I feel about that when it happens (you already know how I’ll feel). I LOVE YOU GUYS ASDFGHJKL 



LISTEN TO "I'M GONNA" ON SPOTIFY NOW!!!!! (and follow me there pleaaaase) 

How do you blog?

quote of the day for me, from me, & for you. 

I honestly have no idea what to write here because I don't know how to blog. Is there a strategic way of working this? If there is, I'm waaaaay out of the loop. But hey, I guess if you're reading this, then it's a step forward. I guess I could be poetic and tell you about all my journies in life (because I'm definitely the most experienced person ever... that was sarcastic.). My long trek from my hotel bed to the drapes was pretty exhilarating this morning, if I say so myself (more sarcasm). Let me just tell you, after opening those drapes, I was blinded for a good minute. I may or may not have lied and said I woke up in the morning, when I really woke up in the afternoon due to my Netflix binge watching last night. Either way, I got out of bed today (aka woke up), and so did you which may sound cheesy, but that is a blessing in itself... so I thought this quote was appropriate (credit to the oh so wonderful Pinterest). This quote may not apply to you today, but for the days it does, "remember all the times you've felt that way". IS THIS HOW YOU BLOG??????????????? Just kidding, I think I got the hang of it... maybe. 

Love you guys,


hard work

I'm currently sitting at Starbucks, about to go to music lessons, because I don't sleep... ever (and the Starbucks obsession is real). It's taken me a long time to think of what to write to you guys today because MY HEADPHONES KEEP BREAKING. That's so not the point, but I thought I would let you know that I have been using these half way efficient headphones for over 4 months, and I'm proud of myself. 


It's kinda cool that some people actually read this, so I'm not just talking to myself. So for those of you reading this, I want to talk about hard work. I don't really know how to approach this because me writing about this topic could either be seen as 1. "She thinks she's all that, trying to give advice on hard work when she's only 15." 2. it's cheesy, or 3. it's a super broad topic. 1. I do not, nor will I ever think I'm all that, I'm just trying to find my way while chasing my dreams, and I happen share my experiences through my music, and some pretty cool people support me on that. 2. It's cheesy because IT WORKS (at least that's what I'm telling myself) and people say it all the time because it works (hopefully). 3. I think it's good that hard work is a broad topic because it can apply to anyone's situation. 

For me, we just put out this new website which I still can't get over, we just released a new cover, and we have some super cool things coming out for you guys. We as in me, my brother, my family, my music team, EVERYONE because I am not the only person in this thing (THANK GOD). Everyone has worked so hard to have this all accomplished, and people don't see that. We are all working for a goal that sometimes seems impossible, but we have hope & faith. 

Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God" 

I remember things like this as I start to loose sight of my faith in myself and in Jesus. I cannot even tell you how many meetings, lessons, late nights, performances, vocal rests, tears, epiphanies, long paragraphs, broken strings, and highs that I have experienced up to this point, and I'm not even that far yet! I think that's what drives me to continue working towards my goal. What drives me is my biggest fear, not reaching my goals for the future, and not getting as far as I know I can. All I want to do is share my music, and to play for people who believe in lyrics and song like I do. I believe it. I believe God has a plan, like I said in my last blog post, but it doesn't just come to you. Anything worth doing is HARD work. If it was easy, wouldn't everyone be doing it? But even baby steps are HUGE. So I guess that's what I'm trying to say. I'm so happy to be sharing these little steps with you guys, as we have worked so hard. I hope there is some inspiration for YOU to reach YOUR goals. We better WERK!!!

If you haven't already, please check out my new cover. It feels amazing for people to see something we have worked so diligently on. ESPECIALLY the stuff that is coming out super soon.

I love you always,




Check it ^^^^ 


ghetto lighting set up  

ghetto lighting set up  


so... at this very moment, my brother is setting up the lights for a video that we are about to release for you guys (hour 2 out of 7). this is also my very first blog post, so if you're reading this, AHHHHHHHHH & THANK YOU. I don't even want to get sappy because when I get sappy I get wordy, and then you'll be reading a 5 paragraph essay that I should be writing for English class (Thank God it's summer.) But this IS a huge step for me, so I want to send my thank you's out to all of the people who support me, and for everyone who has made this all possible. by the time you read this, my new cover will be out (Clean with a little twist of This Love by Taylor Swift...) I hope you love it. if you are reading this, and haven't seen my video, then you gotta go check it out (YouTube.com/ellacolliermusic) look around my website, and check back because we have some amazing things in store. Lastly, I want to thank GOD!!!! omg yes really he has such a big plan for all of us, and I'm so happy that he has given me these opportunities so far. wow I feel like I'm making an acceptance speech. OKAY. I need to go film this now ... I LOVE YOU ALL. bye for now,