pssst... if you're reading this, stay tuned for an announcement at the end about my blogs!!! 

The focus of my year: feat. the freezing cold & a lot of paper.

People need a refresh button, whether it’s a new day, a workout, a song, a shower, a good night’s sleep, a new goal, an intervention, whatever. The whole world seems to hit their refresh buttons all at the same time at 12:00 am, January 1st (or a couple hours later, post-partying of course). I think people find comfort in attempting their “resolutions” together, kind of like a struggle run with people who are breathing too hard with you. I have previously been guilty of the whole write your New Year’s resolutions out, and quit them by January 10th along with everybody else (yes that is today) kind of thing. But this year I decided to shape my year another way, my way. I decided to shape my year based on challenges I personally want to face and who I truly want it to be, not what social media wants me to be, or whatever social pressures tell me to be (aka juice cleanses, longing for a 4,000 dollar piece of metal, popularity, unrealistic Instagram goals, etc.)

If you want a different outcome, you must start by doing something different, which can be difficult sometimes. We live in a superficial world. It is easy for that to be the comfort zone. Superficiality lasts a minute, but what you learn from your challenges in your heart and spirit last a lifetime. I truly believe doing what makes you grow (notice I didn’t say comfortable), has fallen off the deep end because everyone is so set on impressing the next person, nobody ever lives in the moment. Nobody lives in their moment, their challenge, their victory, or their offset. Nobody ever relishes anymore because they are so worried about where they should go next.

But I think for 2016, people should focus their goals around their dreams, not influenced by other people's opinions, and the doubts they may have about themselves. DO YOU!!! DO what YOU want, and go fight for YOUR dreams, no matter what anyone thinks or says. I am so appreciative of everyone who supports my dream. My music makes up a lot of who I am, and I pursue it through the ignorance of what some people think. I have hope that I made for myself, and a dream that will grow in 2016, just as I hope you have for yourself! 

YAY: I will start posting blogs on the SECOND Sunday of every month, so I can stay connected & consistent with my loves. So much coming this year, I promise this will be one for the books.

Love always & remember to DO YOUUUUUU!