How do you blog?

quote of the day for me, from me, & for you. 

I honestly have no idea what to write here because I don't know how to blog. Is there a strategic way of working this? If there is, I'm waaaaay out of the loop. But hey, I guess if you're reading this, then it's a step forward. I guess I could be poetic and tell you about all my journies in life (because I'm definitely the most experienced person ever... that was sarcastic.). My long trek from my hotel bed to the drapes was pretty exhilarating this morning, if I say so myself (more sarcasm). Let me just tell you, after opening those drapes, I was blinded for a good minute. I may or may not have lied and said I woke up in the morning, when I really woke up in the afternoon due to my Netflix binge watching last night. Either way, I got out of bed today (aka woke up), and so did you which may sound cheesy, but that is a blessing in itself... so I thought this quote was appropriate (credit to the oh so wonderful Pinterest). This quote may not apply to you today, but for the days it does, "remember all the times you've felt that way". IS THIS HOW YOU BLOG??????????????? Just kidding, I think I got the hang of it... maybe. 

Love you guys,